Welcome to MerIT, which has been designed to:

  • provide a focus for on-going discussions between pupil and teacher about progress in learning

  • help children and young people to reflect on their achievements at each stage of their learning journey

  • relate pupils’ achievements in learning to the four Contexts for Learning

  • produce personalised pupil profiles and learner statements at key transition points

  • support teachers in providing feedback to pupils on their achievements, both in and outside school

  • help pupils to review their development of the four Capacities.

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Pupils can store:

  • online records of their achievements

  • related examples of work, including pictures and photographs

  • teachers’ comments on their work.

Pupils can also regularly review their progress in relation to the four Capacities.

In their senior phase, they will be able to use MerIT to develop a CV or UCAS personal statement.

Teachers can access, and comment on, students' achievements and related content.

Please contact us to comment on MerIT or to request more information.


Successful Learner

and able to:

Confident Individual

and able to:

Responsible Citizen

and able to:

Effective Contributor

and able to:

Curricular Areas


What you achieve and learn in the eight curriculum areas, or any subject in these areas. The curriculum areas are:

Usually, each area is made up of a group of related subjects. For example, Art, Dance, Drama and Music are all subjects in Expressive Arts.


Your achievement might be:

School Ethos


What you achieve and learn by making a contribution to the ethos and life of the school as a community.

This includes:

Across the curriculum


This is called 'interdisciplinary learning'. It’s about making connections between different areas of learning.

It includes what you achieve and learn by working on topics or projects that involve different areas of the curriculum.

This helps you to make connections between different areas of learning.


Personal achievement


What you achieve and learn as a result of the many other opportunities you have in school for 'personal achievement'. These are usually activities that develop your self-awareness, confidence, strengths and talents.