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Account security : your responsibilities

As a part of registration we will provide you with a username and password. You are responsible for:

  • keeping your username and password confidential;
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Contributors material - privacy and conduct

MerIT provides you with a secure online space (My MerIT) for recording and reviewing your personal achievements and other associated documents, for example your CV and personal profile.

Designated teachers working in your school can add comments to certain records held within My MerIT.

Personal Data provided by you on the Website will be stored in a secure environment and your privacy will be ensured, as set out in our Privacy Statement.

You must use the website (including any contributions to the website) for proper purposes only. Gateway reserves the right to moderate (including editing and/or deleting) material contributed by you or other users. We reserve the right to remove any material that we consider to be unacceptable, including where the material consists of some or all of the following:

  • Defamatory statements;
  • Obscene language;
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Banning unacceptable use

Gateway reserves the right to terminate a user's ability to log-in or contribute material to the website if we determine that the user is using the website for unacceptable purposes or if the user has contributed material that is abusive or otherwise damaging to Gateway.

Changes to Terms and Conditions of Use

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Successful Learner

and able to:

Confident Individual

and able to:

Responsible Citizen

and able to:

Effective Contributor

and able to:

Curricular Areas


What you achieve and learn in the eight curriculum areas, or any subject in these areas. The curriculum areas are:

Usually, each area is made up of a group of related subjects. For example, Art, Dance, Drama and Music are all subjects in Expressive Arts.


Your achievement might be:

School Ethos


What you achieve and learn by making a contribution to the ethos and life of the school as a community.

This includes:

Across the curriculum


This is called 'interdisciplinary learning'. It’s about making connections between different areas of learning.

It includes what you achieve and learn by working on topics or projects that involve different areas of the curriculum.

This helps you to make connections between different areas of learning.


Personal achievement


What you achieve and learn as a result of the many other opportunities you have in school for 'personal achievement'. These are usually activities that develop your self-awareness, confidence, strengths and talents.